FAQs for Parents

Why does Kappa Sigma refer to itself as a "values-based"  organization?

Far too often a parent may have a preconceived notion that a fraternity is based purely on an "animal house" party atmosphere. It is not within Kappa Sigma's ideals to promote the party, but instead our four cornerstones of Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. Through these principles a male student will enhance his college career and become a better man for joining the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

My son is considering joining Kappa Sigma, what can I expect him to be involved in?

Instantly, a parent will find his son meeting a whole new social circle which will put him in contact with various student leaders, teachers, and alumni in the community.

As your son begins his membership in Kappa Sigma, he will initially begin as a pledge. The term pledge is in no way meant as a degrading term, but as a term to describe his period of membership in which he evaluates Kappa Sigma. During the pledging process, your son will be considered a prospective member and will undergo a pledging period. 

At the end of the pledging process, your son will be asked by the chapter if he would like to join the members and undergo initiation. In no way is the initiation to be construed as haze or degrading, but rather the opportunity for the pledge to learn the founding and history of Kappa Sigma. Again, your son will be given a choice of which he is free to choose from; and his answer will be respected.

What is Kappa Sigma's perspective on Alcohol?

Kappa Sigma promotes only responsible drinking to students of legal drinking age. Kappa Sigma goes even further to promote responsible drinking by use of Kappa Sigma's "My Brother's Keeper" program. Leadership amongst Kappa Sigma members is also strongly fostered and encouraged. Members are held to standards set forth in the laws of the land and those policies found in our Code of Conduct.