The undergraduate brothers at the Theta-Psi chapter can be defined in one word: diverse. There are members in every school on campus and involved in over forty different campus organizations. Some have interests in graphic design; others perform as leads in the school musicals; and still others could repair a broken car. Whatever the need, a favorite saying is “There’s a brother for that.”

Despite such diversity, what binds the members together is a desire to become better men. Putting together all of these talents makes every task undertaken a success. Whether that means tutoring a brother in school, giving him a ride to work, or collectively putting on a Spring Sing show, brothers help one another fulfill their potential. “Diligence should be your watchword. Whatever you do, do well, and may success attend your efforts.”


The alumni of the Theta-Psi chapter can hardly forget the experiences they had in college in their fraternity and the opportunities Kappa Sigma gave them when they graduated. They are even more diverse than the undergrads: some have written books about the events of their lives; some have hosted television shows broadcasted nationally; some even live in places as distant as the Middle East.

Those brothers still active in the chapter always love hearing about the success of their alumni and continually encourage alumni to keep on contact and stay involved. After all, Kappa Sigma is “not for a day, or an hour, or a college term only, but for life.” The chapter would not be what it is today without their help, support, and input.