Letter From Our Outgoing GM

I had the privilege to serve as Grand Master of the Theta-Psi chapter of Kappa Sigma this past year. There were many ups and downs in my term, but I believe that the chapter, myself, and every brother made it through more united and dedicated to the Order.

I was thrilled to be elected GM for the chapter last November. Since my pledgeship, president was the position I wanted to serve in the most. I had so many ideas and plans that I wanted to see come to pass. However, as I am sure anyone in leadership can agree, planning is only half the battle; making the plans come to fruition is the other half. I was blessed to have a supportive and determined executive committee serve with me. With this amazing group of men, we saw growth in several areas.

I was very pleased with how the past year went. Of course, there are things we could have done differently, but all in all I think Kappa Sigma had a great year and we are set up be the largest and most preferred on Oklahoma City University’s campus again.

One of our notable successes this year was having an incredible rush and fall pledge class under the direction of our AVPR, Kendall Havern (’17). We pledged in 15 amazing guys and initiated 13 of them. This is the biggest fall pledge class we have had since 2015. We were all excited to see a pledge class that finally exceeded 10 men. On top of that, we also had a strong midterm pledge class that all are making the chapter better.

We also placed first in homecoming this year for the second year in a row. Our homecoming chair, Evan Couch (’17), led the brothers to our victory. It was a lot of work and dedication on every brothers’ part, and most importantly our new members. They really stepped up to the plate and played their part.

We have also been able to maintain and improve our relations within the Greek community. We had several brothers attend several socials of the other houses as well as being active participants in their philanthropy weeks. In fact, we had one of the biggest showing at each event.

Of course, there are always things that can make the position a bit of a drag. We were not able to participate in Spring Sing this year because of scheduling conflicts, shows, rehearsals, and poor communication and time management. We did make up for it with the win in homecoming however. 

It is a bittersweet feeling to end the term, but I am content with the progress we made. I am eager to pass the torch to Matthew Moelling (’16), I am excited about the direction he will take the house this next year. We were able to serve together this past year, and I have seen the ideas he wishes to accomplish. I think with the foundation I have laid on top of those that served before me, Matthew will continue to grow the house and strengthen the brotherhood. 


A-B 710,

Ethan H Zambrano