Recruitment Information

What will your college experience be like?

Being far from home for the first time, many students find it hard to discover their place. But for the brothers of Kappa Sigma at OCU, that is not a problem. Here at our chapter, we are a band of brothers who are there for each other no matter what. It is because of this strong brotherhood that, as a group, we have accomplished amazing feats: we have been IFC Football champions for four years in a row, placed consistently in several homecoming activities and placed 2nd overall last year, won 1st place in the annual Spring Sing, maintained the highest all male organizational GPA for the past six semesters, been three of the four most recent Student Government Association presidents, ranked in the top two percent of all Kappa Sigma chapters, and much more.

Kappa Sigma realizes that your first priority for coming to OCU is to obtain an education. We also realize that a university education encompasses more than academics and that the abilitity to deal and live with people is a demand that will be made on you for the rest of your life. As a well-rounded man, you must merge a solid academic background with intellectual and social maturity, and with confidence in yourself to deal with the problems that will face you in later years. Kappa Sigma is a very unique fraternity because we provide an environment that will encourage you to strive for academic excellence, while at the same time discovering new social horizons in a variety of campus settings.

Our fraternity is involved in enhancing scholastic achievement, hosting social events, developing men into tomorrow's leaders, participating in sporting events, and much more. Kappa Sigma gets you involved, which helps you to develop different skills. It also allows you to develop contacts with other students, and a variety of alumni involved in all areas of the business world. In addition, you will also become part of a larger network of over 280 chapters and 250,000 members across North America.

Joining Kappa Sigma will give you a college career filled with a strong brotherhood, growth through athletics, leadership, and a social life unmatched by others.

Whether you're a freshman or a current student, Kappa Sigma may be the place for you to call your home away from home. We would like to show you what Greek Life has to offer. If you don't know much about fraternities and the rush process, please read some of our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rush?

The term "RUSH" is often used as a more appealing substitute to the term membership recruitment. Rush regers to the primary membership recruitment drive that each fraternity participates in over the same week-long period. During Rush, fraternities generally set up a calendar of events designed to attract students interested in what fraternity life has to offer. Prospective members have the chance to get to know all three fraternities at OCU during rush week. At the end of the week, a bid day occurs where prospective members have the chance to accept a bid to join a house.

What is a bid?

A bid is the general term to describe a formal invitation to pledge a fraternity. At the end of our Rush Week, prospective members are given bids and if they accept membership, they are then pledged into the fraternity.

Will pledging hurt my grades?

Scholarship is the most important cornerstone of Kappa Sigma.  Kappa Sigma has had the highest men's organization GPA on campus for the past three semesters.  Kappa Sigma also has the highest GPA on campus of any fraternity on campus.

Does Kappa Sigma haze pledges or members?

Kappa Sigma DOES NOT HAZE!!! We build better men through positive and safe brotherhood development activities.

Does Kappa Sigma assist with my pledge dues?

Don't ever let money stop you from doing something you really want to do. Don't worry, we'll help you out. Kappa Sigma has a scholarship/leadership program which gives out cash scholarships that can be used towards dues.  Also, there are many alumni that are more than willing to help out with dues.

Will I have enough time for pledging as a freshman in college?

Absolutely!  The Kappa Sigma pledge program is designed to work around your schedule.  Kappa Sigma will not interfere with your academic or athletic priorities.

How long is the pledge program in Kappa Sigma?

Kappa Sigma has a pledge program that will not exceed 60 days.  Other fraternities on campus have pledge programs that will exceed the amount of time it takes to become a Kappa Sigma.

Do I have to consume alcohol if pledge Kappa Sigma?

The Kappa Sigma Fraternity abides by the laws of the land and our code of conduct when it come to the consumption of alcohol.  Underage drinking is illegal and is not allowed in Kappa Sigma.  Also, the code of conduct DOES NOT allow hazing, underage drinking, or alcohol related activates in association with pledging.

Who are some of Kappa Sigma's notable alumni?

Jimmy Buffet, Robert Redford, Bob Dole, Chris Harrison, and Ted Turner are just a few of the many famous Alumni of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

Frequently Asked Questions For Parents

Why does Kappa Sigma refer to itself as a "values-based"  organization?

Far too often a parent may have a preconceived notion that a fraternity is based purely on an "animal house" party atmosphere. It is not within Kappa Sigma's ideals to promote the party, but instead our four cornerstones of Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service. Through these principles a male student will enhance his college career and become a better man for joining the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

My son is considering joining Kappa Sigma, what can I expect him to be involved in?

Instantly, a parent will find his son meeting a whole new social circle which will put him in contact with various student leaders, teachers, and alumni in the community.

As your son begins his membership in Kappa Sigma, he will initially begin as a pledge. The term pledge is in no way meant as a degrading term, but as a term to describe his period of membership in which he evaluates Kappa Sigma. During the pledging process, your son will be considered a prospective member and will undergo a pledging period.

At the end of the pledging process, your son will be asked by the chapter if he would like to join the members and undergo initiation. In no way is the initiation to be construed as haze or degrading, but rather the opportunity for the pledge to learn the founding and history of Kappa Sigma. Again, your son will be given a choice of which he is free to choose from; and his answer will be respected.

What is Kappa Sigma's perspective on Alcohol?

Kappa Sigma promotes only responsible drinking to students of legal drinking age. Kappa Sigma goes even further to promote responsible drinking by use of Kappa Sigma's "My Brother's Keeper" program. Leadership amongst Kappa Sigma members is also strongly fostered and encouraged. Members are held to standards set forth in the laws of the land and those policies found in our Code of Conduct.

For more information, send us a messge.