Dear Brothers,
Our chapter of Kappa Sigma at Oklahoma City University has enjoyed a rich history, spanning over 50 years, whereby we have all been a part of many memories made, friendships forged and life lessons learned. This tradition continues to look very bright, but the time has come to take action toward ensuring the legacy of Theta Psi continues for generations to come.
Our current chapter house is now 90 years old, and while it’s been a special part of our history, the time has come to build a new home for our future brothers. A very dedicated core group of alumni have been looking at this project for nearly a year, and we have decided to make major commitments toward this endeavor. We now need EVERYONE to come together in Theta-Psi fashion to make this happen.
The Most Assuredly Kappa Sigma Capital Campaign will seek to raise 100% of needed funds to build a new chapter house on an enhanced lot at 2412 North Virginia. The cost of the project will be approximately $1.2 million, which includes demolition, construction and furnishings for the new house. We can build something together we will all be very proud of, and something that will make Theta-Psi even better, forever.
While much work and planning has been done, the time for action and commitment is now upon us. Please consider a meaningful commitment to Theta-Psi and the Most Assuredly Kappa Sigma Campaign.
Chris Harrison, ’90
Honorary Campaign Chairman
Michael Tavlin, ’69
Campaign Co-Chairman
Drew Williamson, ’87
Campaign Co-Chairman